Become the Chief Fun Officer (CFO) With These Great Gift Ideas

Become the Chief Fun Officer (CFO) With These Great Gift Ideas

Every company wants to have a great corporate culture, the kind where people enjoy one another’s company, and there is a healthy mix of productivity, professionalism, and fun in the office.

There are many ways to achieve a great corporate culture, and one of our favorites is really quite simple: give your employees great gifts.   Surely, you remember lighting up at the sight of a pile of birthday gifts as a child.  It’s the same concept here.  Incorporate these gifts, and the gift of fun, into employee appreciation days and the holiday season and we assure you, these gifts will keep on giving (even to the company itself!)  Follow these tips and you’ll quickly earn the reputation of being the company CFO (Chief Fun Officer!)

Inspired “Conference Tables”

Few people enjoy going to meetings.  They can be long, boring, and inefficient.  Show your employees your commitment to their fun and happiness buy gifting the office some inspired conference tables in the form of table tennis tables.  Turn meetings into table tennis matches or tournaments and chat with your employees over a game.


Become the Chief Fun Officer (CFO) With These Great Gift Ideas


It’ll get them off their feet, keep their blood pumping, and increase their focus.  Hey, if they get stressed out, they can even use a backhand smash.  If you really need to have a traditional meeting, place some chairs around the ping pong table to give your meeting a KillerSpin (see what we did there?)

Our tables are sleek, and our Revolution SVR BlackSteel would look great in a conference room.


Individual Paddles for Employees

What says team building more than outfitting each member of your staff with table tennis paddles?  Giving your team racquets lets them know that you value their fun and gives them encouragement to #UnPlugNPlay.  These gifts will encourage team building and flexibility.  You can also include a brand new racquet in the welcome package for all new employees moving forward.  New employees will feel very welcome to the team when they are encouraged to get to know their coworkers with some healthy competition.

The Gift of Competition

On a regular basis, encourage your employees to have fun and #UnPlugNPlay.  This will increase your company morale and team building.  Once in a while, it’s a great idea to enjoy some companywide competition with Table Tennis Tournaments.  (Downloadable brackets can be found here!) People can enjoy some interdepartmental fun by competing against other employees they may not know as well.  Aside from bragging rights, give your tournament winner an Alpha Trophy to keep on his or her desk.

The Gift of Flexibility

Employees love flexibility.  They work longer, harder, and smarter when employers measure them by their productivity instead of the amount of time logged at their desks.  These days, employees also long for the chance to be on their feet after a day of sitting in front of the computer, which is unhealthy.  Give your employees the gift of flexibility by establishing #UnPlugNPlay time.

Set up a ping pong room and let your employees get their creative juices flowing after a stress relieving game.  They’ll go back to their desks focused, refreshed, and in a positive mood.  They’ll also be grateful for the opportunity to burn a few calories and be on their feet during the workday.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

We know what you’re thinking.  It’s expensive to give companywide gifts to employees.  While encouraging company sports is an investment, it can ultimately improve your employees’ health, morale, productivity and decrease turnover, which is costly to companies.  If that’s not reason enough, an investment in your company, even in employee gifts, can be written off on your taxes.  With the tax benefits, corporate culture benefits, and recognition as being the company Chief Fun Officer, there’s no reason not to establish #UnPlugNPlay as a way of life in your office.


    Become the Chief Fun Officer (CFO) With These Great Gift Ideas