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Alpha Trophy

Alpha Trophy

Winning is not always enough.
Sometimes you need to brag about it!

Make it a tradition of competing for Alpha Trophy! Gather everyone in your game room, living room or backyard and let the only occasion be having incredible time earning a glossy prize!

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Alpha Trophy is the ultimate bragging piece of art.

You're throwing a party and you need a special award for the winner of your table tennis tournament? We thought of that already! Your kids will love to compete for it and take it from one room to another. It's an additional motivation to be called a champion! 

I DO NOT recommend this product


While the picture on the website looked fantastic, there is no indication of the size of the actual trophy. It is about four inches high, and the base is about 1.5 inches on each side. If you had abnormally small hands, this trophy may just fit. The construction is also not high quality.

Stamford, CT


Killerspin Alpha Trophy 605-27 Table Tennis Trophy

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