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Printable Tournament Brackets: Killerspin Ping Pong Madness

March 19, 2014 by admin

The madness has arrived! We have officially entered that time of year filled with meticulously painted faces, odd rituals and around-the-clock nerves. Where finding the balance between witnessing that last second game-winner and submitting your report before its 3:00pm deadline is accomplished only by the truly dedicated. As long as your team is still alive and kicking, your competitive nature is constantly tapping on the door, waiting to be unleashed on even the most trivial of challenges.

Bob from accounting sunk a paper ball into the garbage can from 8 feet away, you say? You roll that chair back and go for 9!

In the spirit of one of the most exciting times in all of sports, we have created a tool to bring out the “Killerspinner” in you – the one whose vanity needs documentation; a receipt of victory with a strict no-return policy. Providing you undoubted proof that when friends temporarily become enemies, you transform into a relentless tyrant of the table.

Start your journey to table tennis immortality. We have made it easy for you by creating an 8 player bracket, a 16 player bracket, and a 32 player bracket. Also included with each bracket is Killerspin tournament rules including official "Bragging Rights." Hit your own game winning shot, crown yourself champion and satisfy your competitive craving.

What’s up now, Bob?

Thumbnail-Killerspin-Tournament-Bracket_8 Thumbnail-Killerspin-Tournament-Bracket_16 Thumbnail-Killerspin-Tournament-Bracket_32

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