Ping Pong: The Easy Workplace Culture Energizer

Ping Pong: The Easy Workplace Culture Energizer

Company culture is a lot more than a buzzword. It's making your employees feel connected to one another and to your company mission. By 2020, more than 40 percent of the American workforce will be composed of millennials. This change in workforce not only brings fresh new ideas to your office, but also demands a change in your company's environment. Most millennials want to be part of a team that matters, not just another nameless face. Introducing the element of ping pong can improve your company's culture and connect your team in these four ways:

Ping pong boosts morale.

A great company culture not only boosts employee morale, but also the company's bottom line. According to a recent Glassdoor study, there is correlation between high employee satisfaction and better performance on the stock market. If that isn't enough proof that it pays to keep your employees happy, we don't know what is. The majority of your employees spend more time in the office than they do with their families, so it's important to keep them happy. Remember that companies with happier employees have a higher retention rate. Create a comfortable break area and encourage employees to step away from their work and play a game or two of ping pong with a coworker. Playing games increases the "feel good" chemicals, dopamine and endorphins, in our brains. Plus, it's a great way for employees to make friends with one another. Playing ping pong is an essential part of the 1871 community, a Chicago-digital startup center.

Ping Pong: The Easy Workplace Culture Energizer

Ping pong is a subtle, yet powerful motivator.

Did you know that traditional rewards such as bonuses and pay raises do very little to change an employee's behavior? Sure, monetary incentives can motivate teams in the short term. But incentives won't change their overall attitude or behavior. To overcome this hurdle, you need to change an employee's mindset to one where they can help change your company's world. The 2014 Millennial Impact Report states that 20% of millennials stay with employers because they believe in the company's mission and purpose.

How do you recruit employees to be on your side? Simple! You invest in them. As we mentioned before, employees want to feel connected to their company. Actively inspire your employees to work together as a team, no matter what department they belong to. Hosting a company table tennis tournament is an excellent way for members of different departments to get to know one another and exchange ideas. Feeling like a valued team member goes a lot farther than a monetary prize, although winning the tournament trophy never hurts.

Ping pong improves productivity.

While it's said that pressure makes diamonds, many times stressful situations dampers creativity. The Intelligence Group performed a study and found that 88 percent of millennials prefer a collaborative workplace over a competitive one. Allowing employees to unplug from their work and refresh their minds with some friendly competition helps boost their productivity. A Groupon employee claims that #UnPlugNPlay allows him to accomplish more in 8 to 10 hours than if he sat at his desk for 12 hours straight. Not only does a little exercise help refocus the mind, but it also allows for a unique collaborative environment. Sharing ideas over a table tennis match is a lot different than a brainstorming session in a board room. For more creative ways to increase productivity and develop an innovative workplace culture, check out our free eBook.

Ping pong puts you a step above your competition.

Company culture doesn't have to stop at keeping your own employees happy. While a creative and relaxed work environment will attract potential talent, it can also draw in potential clients. Stand out from the crowd and host a client meeting over a friendly game of ping pong. Once you've declared a winner, you can get down to business and have a meeting around the ping pong table. According to the CEO of TechnologyAdvice, playing ping pong is a great way to get to know someone. While we don't recommend that you make it part of your hiring criteria, table tennis is a great way to tell if a client will work well with your team. Clients will appreciate how innovative you are, and look forward to working with such a creative clan.

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