Father’s Day Gift Ideas: What Does He Really Want?

Father’s Day Gift Ideas: What Does He Really Want?

It seems impossibly difficult to find THE PERFECT GIFT, even if it’s for a close family member you know and love, like Dad. Chances are he has everything he needs, which takes away all the easy ideas. You’re left with the difficult task of trying to figure out a gift that he really wants.

Table Tennis for a Father’s Day Gift?

A Killerspin table tennis table and racket is not just an ordinary gift, it’s an investment in fun and family memories.

Here’s why:

  • It Makes Connections – Strengthen your bonds and create new experiences with your dad and the rest of the family when you play on your new table tennis table.
  • Opportunity For Everyone– You don’t need to worry about abilities. Ping pong is a sport that knows no age limits or physical limitations. A teenager in their prime and a retired grandfather are on an even playing field.
  • Time to UnPlugNPlay –We’re so connected when online with our devices that we’ve actually become less connected in the real world. It’s time to put them down for a few minutes and UnPlugNPlay. No online content can beat the shared memories you’ll create at the table tennis table.
  • It’s a Brain Sport – Table tennis is the world’s best brain sport. Read about why it’s a great study aid and can help treat brain disorders. You may actually feel yourself getting smarter!

In the end, every gift is a perfect gift for Father’s Day since it’s all about showing Dad your appreciation and love. However, it’s hard to beat something that can help you and your father forge stronger connections and bring about new, unforgettable experiences like a Killerspin table tennis table can.


Father’s Day Gift Ideas: What Does He Really Want?


Here's an Idea: Make it a Package

If your home is new to the game of ping pong, one of our MyT Table Tennis Packages is the perfect gift. Each includes everything you need to start having fun, including a high quality MyT table, four rackets and a handful of balls.