Customize your Table Tennis experience

Customize your Table Tennis experience

How many times have you caught yourself not being appreciative enough this year? How about this month? We understand, it happens to the best of us. Thankfully, Killerspin has a solution.

Let’s use this time of year to listen to each other

We have learned the importance of listening to our customers. In doing so, you taught us the value of giving you, our customer, the opportunity to design your own unique products!

While off-the-shelf items are nice, nothing beats giving and receiving something that is unique. Gifts should represent our feelings toward the receiver, and adding a dash of personality can do just that. And we've made it easy to do just that: you can personalize EVERYTHING!


Customize your Table Tennis experience


Corporate perks have never been better

A shout out to all the executives who know the importance of company culture! If you’re looking for something that would show your employees appreciation, but you’d still like to raise above generic gifts cards, we have a suggestion.

A table tennis table can be a great multi-purpose tool. Get rid of that boring conference table, and bring in some fun. A game of table tennis can help everyone on your team feel engaged and connected to each other.

When building a solid corporate culture, it is important to keep an eye on details and know the importance of visual presentation. Your company's logo not only represent the colors of your team, they also convey your message. It is the single most visible manifestation of your company, and you should proudly display it!

Send us your logo, we’ll send you our ideas. See what the army of our happy customers have to say about this.


Customize your Table Tennis experience


  1. Personalized ping pong table and paddles

    Why is a personalized gift even important, one would argue? Simple. It shows you care.

    Do you want to surprise your dad with an awesome paddle for Christmas? Why not add a personal touch and show him this is not just one of those last minute, desperate shopping decisions?

    A nicely thought out gift can make a difference. Include a personal message in a form of custom side tape. We’re sure he’d be proud to show it off to his friends, and brag about his thoughtful children.

    Oh, it works on bosses and boyfriends too.

    At the end of the day, it comes down to this: People who bring value to your life should receive special treatment. In our case, those people are our customers, and we can feel nothing but honor to have your loyalty.

    Click here to learn more about customization, or call our Concierge Service if you prefer a live chat.