Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Outdoor vs. Indoor Ping Pong

The spring weather is finally here and outdoor activities are upon us. Chances are, when you think of stepping out onto the fresh cut grass, sun beaming on your face and your competitive instincts arising, you probably aren’t thinking of table tennis.

It’s OK, nobody’s perfect.

If you have never played table tennis outdoors, you have to try it sometime. It’s quite magical. Table tennis has been a tried and true staple for American homes for decades, and is now infiltrating the American yard.

Fighting the Outdoor Elements

One of the most obvious differences between the outdoor and indoor game is the elemental factors to which players must adapt.

  • Precipitation – for the truly brave, outdoor table tennis can be played in various weather and will have a different effect on the bounce off the table and off the paddle. Outdoor tables, balls and resilient paddles make playing in this environment possible and a heck of a lot of fun!
  • Wind – a ping pong ball is probably the lightest ball in any sport and wind can push the ball left, right, up, down, forward or backward. Fortunately, Killerspin offers heavier outdoor ping pong balls of 2 different sizes that are less affected by wind and just plain fun to play with!
  • Distractions – the Killerspin outdoor balls are also bright yellow and can be easily seen amongst the green grass, blue sky and structures of various colors in sight.

Killerspin Outdoor Ping Pong Tables

With the Killerspin MyT-Outdoor or MyT-Outdoor Street Edition, you don’t have to worry about folding up the table and bringing it inside in fear of damage.

Leaving an indoor table outside for an extended period of time outdoors may end up damaging the table, leaving dead spots and frankly, utterly useless! Not to fret, Killerspin offers world-class outdoor tables. Our outdoor table tops are made with an aluminum-plastic blend that is extremely resistant to the outdoor elements while still providing a consistent bounce for casual or performance play.