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Our MyT Indoor Table Tennis Tables Just a Got an Awesome New Feature

Our MyT Indoor Table Tennis Tables Just a Got an Awesome New Feature

At Killerspin, we made it our mission to help you create beautiful memories with people you care about through highly designed table tennis experiences. Our ping pong tables are known for their revolutionary design and high performance, making them not just a great social and physical outlet, but a cutting edge piece of furniture everyone’s proud to show off.

And when we say everyone, we mean it! Indoor or outdoor, easily movable or folding, blue, black or white. We do it all, including even fully-custom colors. Our tables are fit to meet every table tennis player’s need for a high quality personalized ping pong experience. However, our mission is far from over. Every day, we go the extra mile to come up with new solutions that will make unplugging and playing even easier and more fun.




Solve some of the biggest problems with playing ping-pong

Put an end once and for all to the annoying need to chase the balls around your game space during a fierce ping-pong battle and then having to come up with space to store your table tennis equipment during the truce. Well, we just killed these two birds with a single stone. Killerspin's most vigorous and most durable rollaway table now comes with an awesome new feature. And it is a game changer.




Meet our new MyT Table Tennis Pocket Tables with Awesome New Features

No. These are not tables you can fold to fit into your pocket. We’re still working on those. But in the meantime, you no longer have to worry about storing your ping pong goods, keeping them safe from damage or loss or having it all laying around the house and cluttering your space.

MyT indoor ping-pong tables now come with a seamless built-in storage space – pockets, where you can store up to eight balls and two paddles on each side of the table. Enough for one awesome ping pong play-off match, singles or doubles. Convenient, right? Kiss the side pouches goodbye. You can be ready for your next killer serve in an instant and have your home or office playroom as neat as ever.

And don’t worry, we didn’t mess with what works. The new Pocket tables have all the quality and attention to detail of the already beloved MyT Indoor series—and beyond. Thicker table frames make MyT Indoor Pocket table tennis tables stand up to anything: moving, rolling, folding, storing and even your rowdy kids. Now you can focus on enjoying the game of table tennis with the people you love. And of course, beating them.



Find your perfect match

MyT Pocket indoor ping pong tables come in different versions and colors. It’s up to you to choose the perfect match for your table tennis skills and your home or office playroom. In case you can’t pick a favorite you can always reach out to our concierge service for an advice. We will be delighted to help you create the perfect personalized ping pong experience. Game on? Game on!


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