The Killerspin Difference

The Killerspin Difference

Killerspin. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard of the name. But what you might not understand are the unique elements behind our brand and product offerings. Why not just buy a $200 ping pong table? Strap yourself in, because we’re about to share an entire world of difference - the Killerspin Difference.

Killerspin Design


The Killerspin Difference


Design is a critical element when it comes to the Killerspin difference. When Killerspin put their founding team together, we knew that we wanted the best. And since our products have an athletic and competitive edge, we knew that our team wouldn’t be complete until we had recruited some of ping pong’s very best players.


The Killerspin Difference


Felipe Morita is one of Killerspin’s on-staff ping pong pros. From his vast experience, he shares that Killerspin offers the highest quality rackets and tables on the market, that are perfect for all different styles and levels of players. Furthermore, “What makes Killerspin different from others is the different kinds of products they offer: Revolution tables, outdoors tables/rackets, and the Stylo paddle - the fastest racket in the world. Killerspin is always innovating and creating outstanding products."


The Killerspin Difference


And he’s not the only star-studded athlete on the Killerspin team. We’re also very privileged to be able to collaborate with Biljana "Biba" Golić, the Serbian table tennis champion. You can learn more about her skills and expertise on the blog: What it takes to be a great ping pong player.

Killerspin eats, breathes, lives, and sleeps ping pong - from the products we create, to the staff we employ. It should come as no surprise that we’re the industry leader for premium tables. But as serious as we are, we also love to have fun. After all, what other table tennis brand encourages the dual use of their tables as conference room tables? They work just as perfectly as a luxury piece in the home.

There are a lot of products to pick through, so if you’re stuck, take a look at our table selector tool.

Not satisfied yet? Here are some quick design facts about Killerspin’s tables:

  • Regulation size tables
  • Arched metal base with clean lines and a bold design
  • Tight and level net thanks to the Apex Solid Steel Post System
  • High performance surface that results in superior ball control
  • Easy to assemble, extremely durable and sturdy
  • Customizable tables, paddles, and ping pong balls!

Killerspin Care


The Killerspin Difference


We love our customers and want to stay in touch well past the time you purchase from us. And whether you use a Killerspin product or not, we offer a number of free resources for families to #UnPlugNPlay (like this free kit). We see table tennis as an excellent opportunity to bring a family together, while engaging in a healthy physical activity.

We’ve found that the parents who purchase Killerspin products for their kids (and themselves!) have made great strides in separating from devices that can otherwise take over the day. And for the companies that who present employees with the gift and use of a Killerspin ping pong table, employees respond with higher work quality, better motivation, reduced stress, and stronger work relationships.

The Killerspin difference is all about being an experience-driven company. Through quality products that last, perform and appeal visually, we connect people with what they care about: family, friends, customers and employees. Because of this, Killerspin is more than just products, it’s an experience.

Killerspin: Attention to detail


The Killerspin Difference


Resident ping pong superstar Biba has this to say about rackets, “The racket needs to have the appropriate style of rubber sheets applied to a wooden blade. If a player has an aggressive style (he tends to attacking, perform topspins, etc.), the rubbers need to allow him to perform those shots, and should be grippy and durable.” Furthermore, “The racket is the main tool, and it needs to align with the player’s style.”

Understanding that every player, and even every level is different, Killerspin offers many different types of rackets: each custom-crafted and created with high quality rubbers. Our paddle selector tool makes it easy for players of all levels to identify the perfect racket for them.

Whether in regards to a ping pong table, racket, ball, or any complimentary accessories - no detail is too small for Killerspin. When you receive one of our products, know that every part of it reflects top of the line craftsmanship.

Killerspin Customer Service


The Killerspin Difference


For our best ping pong tables, we offer white glove delivery - whether you’re Kendall Jenner - or not. Think of us not just as customer service agents, but as your table tennis “concierge.” Ask us for anything to make your table tennis experience better, and we’ll do our best to deliver. What other brand offers white glove delivery for your table direct to your office or home?

Because of our excellent table tennis concierge team, we have a number of famous athlete and celebrity fans.

Killerspin Branding


The Killerspin Difference


The Killerspin brand represents everything we believe in as a whole. We see ourselves as sexy, and edgy. Think of us as Bruce Lee meets James Bond, meets Lara Croft. We are the world leader in table tennis media.

The Killerspin difference combines all the different pieces of our company’s puzzle: design, care, attention to detail, customer service, and the branding that defines us. If you own a Killerspin product, what does the Killerspin difference mean to you? Tweet @Killerspin with your thoughts and our we’ll re-share our favorites (and you just might win some gear)!