One Step Footwork

One Step Footwork

Footwork is one of the most critical components of the game, and although we all know how to run, specific steps optimized for table tennis have emerged. They make it possible to get into position accurately and quickly to maintain a solid balance and perform a controlled stroke on most balls. Correct footwork will leave open the choice of using a forehand or a backhand and allow placement anywhere on the ping pong table with equal ease.

Here are a few drills that will help you develop these steps. We call this the one step. Both feet move about equal distance in the required direction. With this step we can adjust our position to the ball accurately when only little movement is required.

Watch the balance transfer and the placement of the feet. When moving to the right, lead off by a small step with your right foot. Push off with the left foot and skip into position. When moving to your left skip with both feet simultaneously.

The size of the skip varies according to the placement of the ping pong ball. This step will not only get you to the ball but also out of its way so you can make a comfortable shot.

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