How to Backhand Counterhit in Table Tennis

How to Backhand Counterhit in Table Tennis

The backhand counter is occasionally used in competition. Generally, a countering rally is ended by a punch to a different direction or a powerful loop which changes the pace and might force a high return.

Compared to the forehand, there is little body movement, but control and strength depend on a solid balance to support the arm. Bring your body into the path of the ping pong ball so your contact point is in front of you.

From the ready position, pull your arm towards your stomach and drop your right shoulder. The racket is half closed. After the ball bounces, move your hand forward. Contact the ball here. Follow through smoothly until your forearm points straight forward. Immediately recover.

Concentrate on a solid contact with enough forward motion. Complete your stroke and recover quickly. The arm is generating most of the forward motion, while the upper body and the legs, along with the wrist, produce enough lift for the ball to clear the table tennis net. The hips, shoulders, upper arm and wrist all move in a synchronized motion. This allows you to make small adjustments.

While keeping each stroke separate, focus on the rhythm, it will help you in not feeling rushed.

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