How to Backhand Block in Table Tennis

How to Backhand Block in Table Tennis

Although an attack shot is always preferable, sometimes we just don't have the time because our opponent started the attack with a quick loop or a backhand. We keep it in play by blocking. Choose a placement that makes another attack shot difficult for the opponent and then hopefully take the initiative on the next shot.

As on the forehand block, we move the body and the hand very little, just getting the racket into the path of the ball. The force it carries will make it bounce back. Bring your racket hand in front of you so your forearm points straight across the path of the ball. The racket head is right in front of you, slightly to the left. Slowly move toward the ball to make sure you make clean contact. Let the ball bounce from the ping pong table onto your racket. This is the contact point.

Pay attention to your balance. Use your whole body, not only your arm. If you are blocking a hard shot, hold your hand more firmly and give it less motion. On a softer ball you can add more forward motion. Pay attention to your balance.

Now the seventh inning second block is very important because the back block is very hard to defend. You cannot be offensive all the time. Backing block is important that you get a good angle. When you block you have to use the speed of the personal opponent.

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