It’s OK to Play (at home)

When Killerspin was started 20 years ago, our mission was simple: Build relationships with people that you love through play.

Today, that means more than ever to us.

The Covid-19 Virus has impacted us in many ways previously thought unimaginable. We know you’ve been inundated with messages on how to stay safe, and we highly recommend reading them and following the advice by the CDC.

But, what hasn’t changed is our relationships with the people we love. If you’re able to spare 15 minutes to play, we recommend you do it with a loved one.

Don’t have a ping pong table or even a few paddles? You can still play.

It's OK to Play(at home)
  • Step 1: Use your dining room table or even a coffee table as the ping pong paddle.
  • Step 2: No Net? No problem. You can use extra books lying around as a net!
  • Step 3: How about paddles? Well, I can tell you that your cellphone can become a very good and efficient paddle to play. But, make sure you have at least a ping-pong ball.

If you’re looking to upgrade your table tennis experience, we might have a few things you like.


Thank you for your time. We wish the best for you and your family. Stay safe and have fun!