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Torque AQ Glue

Torque AQ Glue

Keep your game on top

What you've been waiting for! TorqueAQ is Killerspin's water based glue solution for table tennis equipment. Meets ITTF competition regulations while providing the speed, spin and control you need to win!

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It can't be more simple

Spread a small amount of AQ table tennis glue even and thin across the blade and the rubber sheet, then let both sides dry to a tacky feel. Position the rubber on the blade and press down on it to get good adhesion. Trim the excess rubber and voilà! 

Killerspin Torque AQ Glue for Table Tennis Rackets

No need for any extra items

Everything you need to assemble your new rubbers with your blade is inside the box. A bottle of glue with a pipe that will help you pour out the right amount of glue, clip that you can use multiple times and 15 applying sponges. You're all set! 

Guaranteed quality 

Torque AQ glue is made in Germany to meet all Killerspin quality standards. And our standards are high! 

Killerspin Torque AQ Water Based Ping Paddle Pong Rubber Glue

Works fine, difficult to apply


The glue works fine, as do the sponges. My problem is dispensing the glue from its container. The glue would not come out and I had to repeatedly remove the top, this caused me to use a bit more product that optimal and made the whole process messier than it needed to be.


glue ok


My paddles - about $25 paddles - have 2 layers and only the top rubber layer was partly loose and I glued them back together. Not sure if this is the proper application to use the glue but some of it didn't stick too well.


Works great


The glue works great. The rubber stayed on after one application and I have been playing since and have no problem at all.


Killerspin Torque AQ Glue 602-31 Paddle Rubber Glue

3.3 3


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