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Throw II Robot

Throw II Robot

Play with or without a partner!

Skip the treadmill, and enjoy the unique workout with Killerspin's Throw II Robot. This robot will provide numerous hours of one on one training and family fun. Perfect for beginners and advanced players looking to transform the way they play the game.

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  • Serve Capacity

    25-105 balls per minute
  • Serving Speed

    9-90 mph
  • Serving Points

    Ten (10)
  • Spin Modes

    Top and under spin
  • Ball Hopper Capacity

    120+ balls

Redefines the term "User-Friendly"

Killerspin Throw II Robot incorporates high-tech functionality and bold design that would be a perfect addition to any Killerspin table. The upgraded version also offers a wireless remote control making an intense workout session even easier. Improve your technique, offense, defense and game with your very own robot trainer.

Killerspin Throw II Robot Table Tennis Training Machine

Save time and increase efficiency 

Besides being a great workout partner, Killerspin's Throw II Robot also saves you from a lot of hustle. The robot comes with a collection net that automatically feeds returned balls back into the machine and guarantees uninterrupted training. Instead of collecting scattered balls, let Killerspin Throw II teach you a new move!

Killerspin Throw II Robot Table Tennis Training Machine Net Connection

More than a hobby 

Do you have trouble putting spin on the ball? Do you want to win your company's next  #UnPlugNPlay tournament? Or are you just simply looking for something that will keep your kids away from their computers and video games? The Throw II robot is the perfect solution. Easy enough to be used by the whole family, serious enough to finally bring you that title!

Killerspin Throw II Robot Table Tennis Training Machine Folded



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