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Throw II Robot Package

Throw II Robot Package

The perfect opponent comes with little helpers!

Killerspin Throw II Robot is a great way to enjoy the unique workout, practice your shots or just enjoy with your family. Benefits are countless! And with this package you don't need to look any further. Equipped with 100 balls, and a Kollect Ball Picker Upper, you'll be ready to use it as soon as the delivery guy rings your doorbell.




On Orders Over $75
  • Serve Capacity

    25-105 balls per minute
  • Serving Speed

    9-90 mph
  • Serving Points

    Five (10)
  • Spin Modes

    Top and under spin
  • Ball Hopper Capacity

    120+ balls

Save your energy

Killerspin Throw II Robot comes with the collection net that automatically feeds returned balls back into the machine, but if some of them still end up on the floor Kollect Ball Picker Upper will definitely save you the trouble of picking them up.

Killerspin Throw II Ping Pong Robot Bundle

Totally transportable 

We made sure to enable you to take the game wherever you go. Everything in this package can be neatly packed in a large, fashionable backpack, which makes transport and storage effortless. 

Killerspin Throw II Table Tennis Machine Bundle

Painless setup

Killerspin Throw II Robot is easy to assemble, and even easier to use. It comes with a handy manual that will help you install it in no time. All you have to do is follow 5 easy steps: Remove from the box, Place on the table, Fill the serving tray with the balls from the package, Plug it in, Have Fun!! 

Killerspin Throw II Ping Pong Robot Close Up

Keep them in stock

Every serious player knows that balls like to sneak out of your home at night, and you can never find them again. To avoid having to wait for another batch to be delivered, we recommend the Throw II Robot Package that comes with just the right number of them. 

Killerspin Throw II Table Tennis Robot Training Balls



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