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Revolution SVR Package

Revolution SVR Package

A Premium Table Tennis Experience

A beautiful conversation piece for any home or office. The Revolution SVR Table is the perfect place to congregate with friends, family or colleagues. Get ready to have fun, play with style, and dominate your competition.

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White Glove Service



On Orders Over $75
  • Top

    25mm MDF
  • Feet

  • Color of Top

  • Frame Type

  • Table Location

  • Coating

    Special Glare Reducing Coating
  • Net Post Set

    Free Zephyr net-post-set included with purchase

    Stationary With Folding Wheels

When Performance Meets Style

Revolution series tables are reliable, durable, functional, and incredibly stylish. Perfect for a table tennis tournament, to UnPlugNPlay or for a department meeting. The Revolution SVR is the perfect addition to any room in your home or office. Get ready to take your game to the next level.

Killerspin Revolution SVR Table Tennis Package Ping Pong

Designed To Inspire

Sometimes a racket is more than just a racket. Ours help develop passion, endurance, strategic thinking, creativity & social skills. Then again, sometimes table tennis is more than just a game.

Superior Equipment 

The Revolution SVR Package comes with 3 Jet 300 rackets and 144 balls. Go from practice to play with ease.

Killerspin Revolution SVR Table Tennis Package Ping Pong JET300 Paddles

Get Ready to Play Like a Pro

The Diamond CQ RTG Premium is our most celebrated racket. Reinforced with layers of carbon fiber, this racket will provide the power you need to overcome the most worthy opponents. Get ready for game, set, smash! Your opponents won't know what hit them.

Killerspin Revolution SVR Table Tennis Package Ping Pong Diamond CQ Paddle

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