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Revolution SVR-B

Revolution SVR-B

The Best Ping Pong Table ... Period

The Revolution SVR-B Table Tennis Table sits at the high end of Killerspin’s Revolution series. Featuring a pioneering design that has become the definition of tournament-level performance and style, the SVR-B is unmatched in a class of its own. The combination of the exclusive metallic silver arched base and premium black playing surface is show-stopping and adds a top level of refinement to any office, upscale game room, or table tennis club. If you're looking for the best ping pong table money can buy, look no further.

$3,599.00 In Stock

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  • Top

    25mm MDF
  • Feet

  • Color of Top

  • Frame Type

  • Table Location

  • Coating

    Glare Reducing Coating
  • Net Post Set

    Limited Edition Silver Post

    Stationary With Folding Wheels

This Changes Everything 

 Our Premium Composite table top provides a consistent bounce and eliminates the concern of warping or dead spots. The Jet Black Speed Paint is more than just a coloring, it provides exquisite ball control with an extremely high end, sexy look. This premium, glare reducing painting process is extremely durable and mark resistant. All of this attention to detail comes together to create a striking, furniture-quality design.


Killerspin Revolution SVR-B Table Tennis Ping Pong

The Envy of Everyone

The arch shaped, two piece steel base faced in sleek aluminum sets Revolution SVR-B apart from any other table tennis table in the world. Inspired by architectural arches, this unique base lives at the intersection of form and function, giving the table uncompromising stability with a show-stopping look. 

You Can Move It - Only If You Want

It's not magic, but it's a helpful trick. Underneath the base there are four foldable legs with wheels, two on each side, which will convert the stationary table into a movable one.

Killerspin Revolution SVR-B Table Tennis Ping Pong Side View Separated Wheels Down

The Details Are Not the Details. They Make the Design.

Four individual levelers provide an exceptionally even table tennis playing surface inside your play room, office, conference room — wherever you decide to set it up! There are two levelers beneath the table top too — if it’s not perfect, it’s not Killerspin.

Killerspin Revolution SVR-B Table Tennis Ping Pong Net Close Up

Limited Edition

We haven’t mentioned it yet? The Revolution SVR-B is a top end of the Revolution series. It comes with the silver Apex net and steel post system, for a tight and level net. Oh, that’s a limited edition, too.

Killerspin Revolution SVR-B Ping Pong Table Tennis Apex Net System

Revolution SVR-8


We love our new Killerspin Revolution SVR-8

san diego, ca


Solid ping pong table 10/10


Great ping pong table with a sleek design. Love it!

Irvine, CA




i bought this for a decor client and it's gorgeous. very good quality and great set up experience from the company. its beautifully made and i am picky. relatively well priced considering the next higher caliber of table, high design, starts at around $12,000. i like it so much I'm ordering another one for myself.


I had sex on it after playing pong on it


Love this table, I played on it with the girl I met for the first time and she asked to have have sex on this sexy looking table - and I did :)


Our employees love this at work


This is one of the nicest thing our employer did for us, it gives us moments to get out of our desk and relax little bit white exercising. I think every company should have a Ping Pong table.


Simply awesome


Own this table and it has become part of our family everyday routine. It is such a beautiful table and craftsman ship on this is just simply superb. Every visitor to our home just cherishes this beautiful piece of furniture, furniture which we actually use for our family get togethers.


Love it with white glove delivery


Love the table and white glove people were very nice.


It's the best table ive ever seen


I love it


Killerspin Revolution SVR-B Premium Table Tennis Table 301-15

5.0 8


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