Killerspin THROW 2U SET


Killerspin Throw 2U is a new generation table tennis robot that is designed to elevate your table tennis skills by improving several aspects of the game, including

  • Topspin technique
  • Rallying skills
  • Footwork and
  • Serve return

It is a perfect choice for everyday practice, especially when you don’t have a partner who is willing to play every day. Playing against Throw 2U will help you develop muscle memory which is very important for improving skills, hand and eye coordination, footwork, and precision of shots.

Depending on the ball frequency level you choose, the robot will pump up your heart rate and provide an excellent cardio workout. Without any doubt, Throw 2U will help you quickly become a better player!

Throw 2U is easy to assemble and mount on all standard table tennis tables. It is portable and easy to carry and store.

As an advanced table tennis robot, it offers a variety of features for everyday practice:

  • Controls for ball speed, frequency, and oscillation
  • Available spins: topspin, backspin, no spin, left sidespin, right sidespin, irregular
  • Available shot selection: push, chop, serve, counter, lob, fast loop
  • Remote control
  • Ball collecting Net
  • Mountable on all standard table tennis tables
  • Fixed point of ball fall and random
  • Standard 40mm or 40 + balls

 Package includes:

  1. Table Tennis Robot
  2. Control Box
  3. Remote Control Support Frame
  4. Power
  5. Post set and Ball Collecting Net
  6. Two serving wheels spare parts
  7. User Manual
  8. Small Clip- for collecting ball net if needed
  9. 25-pack of orange training balls
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