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UnPlugNPlay MyT 5 BiancoPure Snow Jam Party Pack

UnPlugNPlay MyT 5 BiancoPure Snow Jam Party Pack

A beautiful snow-white table along with our full winter party pack!

We want to help you host a holiday party this winter so we’ve put together this all-inclusive package featuring our most popular winter-white indoor table along with all of the paddles and balls you would need to fight the winter cold with a hot ping pong party!

This bundle includes 3 of each of our flavor series JET200 paddles. That’s 3 sweet BluVanilla paddles, 3 sumptuous Lime paddles, and 3 hot Mocha paddles, along with 100 orange balls, and our MyT5 BiancoPure indoor table. We’re even including a trophy to award to your party champion. It’s everything you need to unplug and have a great time with your family and friends this holiday season and to send everyone home with good tidings, joy, and their very own paddle and memory book.


MyT5 BiancoPure   +$0.00
Training 1 Star Balls 40+ (Orange) 100 pack   +$0.00
Alpha Trophy   +$0.00



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  • Top

    16mm MDF
  • Feet

  • Color of Top

  • Frame Type

  • Table Location

  • Coating

    Repeat Roller Coating
  • Net Post Set

    Killerspin Net-post-set


Perform in Style

Killerspin’s Jet200 paddle now comes in three different colors, guaranteed to fit everyone’s taste: BluVanilla, Mocha and Lime. Whether you are a fan of the light and breezy look, or a classic wooden appearance, one of the new Jet200 paddles will definitely catch your eye.

Improve Your Game

The JET200 table tennis racket is the best partner for taking the next step to improve your game. It’s not all about looking pretty! This paddle offers impressive control and spin, in addition to a good dose of speed, helping you quickly place the ball exactly where you planned.

Jet200 Ping Pong Paddle

Make sure you have plenty of spare paddles

The package of 100 balls will definitely fit your needs, whether you use them at home, office or a club.

We added a special flair to an already amazing table

The MyT5 BiancoPure is all that the MyT series of tables is, and more. That means a tournament-grade table tennis surface, a sturdy steel frame, 3 inch caster wheels with our Safety Locking System, plus the incomparable ease of set up, from unboxing to storage and play. Elegance, simplicity, and practicality are the ultimate combination of features.

Killerspin MyT5 Bianco Pure Ping Pong Paddle Side View


Create Your Memories

As an added bonus, each Jet 200 paddles now comes in a specially designed Memory Book that holds a small marker to help you keep score, collect your opponents’ signatures or leave a personalized message.

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