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MyT10 BlackPocket

MyT10 BlackPocket

There's Nothing Quite Like It in the World of Ping Pong

The MyT10 BlackPocket is absolutely the best folding table tennis table out there today, and we found a way to make it even better. #UnPlugNPlay on the best performing surface at home, school, university, in the office or at the club-this table will fit anywhere. It was designed to meet the needs of avid ping pong players and families alike.

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  • Top

    25mm MDF
  • Feet

  • Color of Top

  • Frame Type

  • Table Location

  • Coating

    Repeat Roller Coating
  • Net Post Set

    Premium Killerspin Net-post


Accessories are now part of the table

In addition to the thickest frame a foldable table can have, the MyT10 BlackPocket now comes with the coolest addition. Ball pockets on both players’ sides fit 8 balls each and are a game changer! Not only they are practical, keeping the next ball easily within your arm’s reach, they also make the space around the table look neater, with no balls rolling around!

The same goes for paddles

Yes, you can keep everything in one place, including up to 4 paddles. They’ll be protected from dust and safe from damage or loss. You’ll be ready to meet and greet every challenger, even in doubles.

Top of the line

The ultra-thick table top and generous size of the wheels, along with the massive thickness of the table frame and Safety Locking System, guarantee that this is Killerspin's most vigorous and most durable rollaway table.

No, we didn’t forget the lines

No doubt you’ve been wondering what is the point of the white outer lines on the table tennis table top, when they don’t make any difference while you play? We thought the same, so we decided to push the design in a revolutionary direction again and remove them. The table now looks cleaner, even more classy and sophisticated. Of course, we kept the Repeat Roller Coating process on the playing surface that will enrich the quality of play.

Use the contrast to highlight the sleekness

The highest quality red premium steel net and post system will add a dash of bold to your table tennis table choice!

the best investment in my family time ever!


I have watched our 3 teen boys ditch their phones to play with their dad! They laugh, squeal and are 'unplugged' for hours on end. It's great! I love watching these bonding moments they are having as family. The best investment for out home I've ever made for family time!

South Florida


Great table!


Love the table and how it plays. Nothing but praise...!

Lufkin, Tx


Great Table - Like the Quality, Looks and Durabilty


We are a table tennis family that enjoy the hours of competition play. This table has a great look and has been used everyday since we put it together. We play tournaments with friends and family members that are not used to a table that is tournament quality. Worth every cent!!



5 Stars, The best quality table I've ever played on.


We are a Rescue Squad here in Meadows of Dan and in the last few years several of us have become ping pong enthusiasts. After much deliberation about what brand of tables were the best out there, we chose killerspin and haven't regretted that decision once. Ordering the table was a breeze, Jovana was the rep that assisted us; she provided one of the best customer service experiences I've ever had. After receiving the table we immediately set it up which was very easy to do with a total construction time of 10 minutes, max. This table is a thing of beauty. From the first moment of play, I could feel that this table was superior to any table that I'd played on in the past; the surface has a solid and smooth response when struck by the ball. And once it's set up, it stays in that spot and isn't easily moved by someone striking it while playing. We've now had the table for about 3 months and like I mentioned earlier, we haven't regretted this purchase at all. It's a beautifully designed and sturdily constructed ping pong table that will serve us for years to come. If you're looking for an affordable and strong table, one that will last and that is guaranteed to impress anyone that sees it, this is the table for you.

Meadows of Dan, VA


Lots of fun with Grandsons


The table is easily converted to use for practice by yourself. I like the way it is durable enough to withstand my young Grandsons' use. I like the black surface. The ball storage area is convenient. I appreciate the service assistance offered by Dora and her colleagues. Top flight.



Killerspin MyT10 BlackPocket 366-08 Table Tennis Table

5.0 5


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