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Find The Perfect
Ping Pong Balls

From our tournament-quality 4 Star table tennis balls to everyday training and oversized outdoor ping pong balls, we have your ping pong ball needs covered. Available in packages of three to 144 to fit every players' needs.

4 Star Ping Pong Balls

Hardball 4 Star 40+ (White) - 3 pack


$9.99 - $9.99

Killerspin 4 Star ping pong balls are every player's dream. These 40mm balls are ideal for everything from serious tournament play to office or home fun. Each ball is exceptionally balanced and round, providing consistent bounce, spin and ball placement.

2 Star Ping Pong Balls

Training 2 Star Balls 40+ (White) 100 pack


$7.99 - $69.99

Killerspin 2 Star Balls are a perfect option for amateur players ready to improve their game. These high quality balls offer great spin and bounce, allowing players to focus on the game and not the ball.

1 Star Ping Pong Balls

Training 1 Star Balls 40+ (Orange) - 3 pack


$3.99 - $64.99

Killerspin 1-Star Ping Pong Balls are perfect for brining fun to families, corporate environments, clubs, and bars. They are ideal for every day practice, and for use in the Throw II Robot.

Oversized Outdoor & Training Balls

2 x 44mm and 2 x 55mm Balls


$9.99 - $9.99

Killerspin's oversized ping pong balls are perfect for outdoor fun and training. Featuring 55mm and 44mm diameters, these jumbo balls cut through the wind outdoors and can help players meet training goals.