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20-year anniversary designer series

After 20 years of passionately building the highest quality ping pong equipment, for connoisseurs of the game, Killerspin is honorably celebrating this milestone with the release of a limited-edition table that encapsulates all of our legacy knowledge and crafting experience.

Beauty Meets Engineering Innovation

The new daVinci tables come equipped with our new, Fibonacci-inspired table tops. The Fibonacci sequence, also known as the Golden Ratio, is one of nature’s most celebrated mathematical principles of beauty. Featuring an “area of artistic expression” along the net, the daVinci Designer Series ping pong tables allow you to customize your table with logos or artwork. This option is offered complimentary and won’t affect functionality or play.

Highest quality materials were used to create the sturdy aluminum steel frame and base.

Furnished with 8 levelers to calibrate the most even playing surface possible.

Carefully crafted by hand for the highest level of attention-to-detail.

Beautifully integrated storage system

The net post set mounts easily and is removable if necessary.

A unique serial number, laser-etched onto an aluminum plate and positioned on the tabletop frame.

Elegant and Durable

The innovative table top surface features a matte lamination, with 18mm of thickness, that’s scratch resistant, so you’ll get consistent bounce without the ball marks, every time.

High Quality Material

SVR daVinci is the newest stationary table, where form meets function and both science and art are one.

Easy Assembly

Easily assembled in your home, from shipping box to play in 10 minutes. To create your free custom decal for your one-of-a-kind table tennis table, complete our customization form or reach out to the concierge line at 1-866-577-5291.

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