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We will help you to choose your paddle based on level of play and personal activities.

New to the Game

Rookie first steps in table tennis or starting to learn table tennis.

When starting to get familiar with the table tennis, it is important to have the appropriate equipment. Thinking of it, Killerspin created paddles that can help you improve your game faster and in a fun way.  When rookies are learning the basic fundaments in the sport, it is important to have a light and comfortable paddle. These are affordable paddles and suitable for players that are starting to enjoy the ping pong play time.


Play for Fun

You are getting better and ready to challenge your friends.

You dabble with the paddle. Table tennis is a leisure sport for you and your squad, and now, you are ready to level up your game.  What should you do next?
These paddles  will help you to gain more confidence in your game. They are designed to be extra comfortable and the Nitrx 4 rubbers will help you get that extra spin and control needed to beat your neighbors and co-workers.

Serious competitor

Time to become a table tennis champion or never miss a table tennis game

You can hang with the pros. You already feel that your level is getting better than your opponent’s so now it’s time to level up and become a champion. 
With the Jet800 Speed N2, the Impact D9 PowerGrip, and the Stilo SVR Limited Edition other player won’t be able to keep up with your speed and power. These paddles are designed for intermediate and advanced level players that are looking for that extra boost of power in their game.

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