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Professional PADDLES

We will help you to choose your paddle based on level of play and personal activities.

Mastering the game

The professional level paddles are developed to make you reach your highest potential in table tennis.

The Kido series (Kido 5A and Kido 7P) are made of plywood layers to give the players a good feeling of the ball and the extra spin on their shots. For players looking for more spin and control, the Nitrx 4 rubbers are the way to go. But if you are the kind of player that plays with more offense, the Kido Series with the Fortissimo rubbers will boost your power to another level.

Becoming a Pro or Serious Table Tennis Players

Now that you are a table tennis star, it is time to get a paddle that matches your game.

The Diamond series blades are paddles with layers of carbon fiber that combined with layers of plywood become the perfect combination for professional level players. These paddles are highly recommended and used by our Killerspin Pros. The RTG Premium versions of the Diamond Series are ideal for all around players while the Premium versions are suitable for the very offensive athletes.

Diamond TC
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