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Stilo7 SVR Limited Edition

Stilo7 SVR Limited Edition

The Fastest Ping Pong Paddle on the Planet

The Stilo7 SVR Limited Edition is possibly the lightest, fastest and coolest table tennis paddle in the world thanks to its carbon fiber construction. Designed for ping pong enthusiasts looking to dominate their opponents in style. Game On!

$349.00 In Stock

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$349.00 In Stock


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  • Performance

  • Control

  • Spin

  • Power

  • Rubber

  • Layers

    6 Carbon Fiber + 2 Glassfiber + 5 Wood Layers
  • Head Dimensions (W x H)

You Never Felt Anything Like This

When something feels this good in your hand, putting it down is not an option. But winning is.

A Better Grip

Better control, better feel, a better design in table tennis equipment. A grip your hands can actually fall in love with.

Killerspin Stilo7 SVR Limited Edition Ping Pong Paddle Table Tennis Racket with Case

Designed With Speed In Mind

High performance carbon fiber makes the Stilo7 SVR the best performing racket money can buy.

Performance Awaits You

The secret lies in the stiff carbon fiber blade and the high performance rubbers. Together they offer unparalleled ping pong performance and speed.

Killerspin Stilo7 SVR Limited Edition Ping Pong Paddle Table Tennis Racket Blade

Protect the Ones You Love

Your all-black Stilo 7 SVR table tennis racket comes in a custom built felt lined storage case. Your table tennis friends will stare in envy at its clean design and sharp looks. Bellissimo!

Killerspin Stilo7 SVR Limited Edition Ping Pong Paddle Table Tennis Racket in Case

It's not ITTF approved


It's great fun to play with but the bat is almost all carbon fiber and not regulation approved... It's a cheat bat... likr playing with a corked baseball bat...winning with this is not at all satisfying as winning with a regulation approved bat is... not worth it.. get an approved bat and win properly

Princeton NJ

Killer Paddle!!


Killerspin products are great... but the customer service is even better! They ensure every customer is 100% satisfied with their purchase.

Atlanta, GA


Pros and cons- Overall the best choice ive ever made


- It comes in an aluminium case. Very professional. - It comes black n black on both sides. I requested for Red on one side. - When i removed it from that case. I could not place it back into the case. Somehow it doesnt fit due to the design of that spot in the case. Im scared to force the racket to fit into it. But who cares, because that case is too heavy to carry always when i go for playing. So i use my old bag for that. The case stays at home. - Since the blade is all graphite. When u hold the handle, it feels like it will slip when ur palms sweat. Actually it will never slip, but the feeling that it might slip anytime, distracts me from my game and affects it badly. So i put around it the grip tape from Tibhar. Perfect!! (This is a psychology thing, must not be happening to everyone using it) - The rubbers are pretty good but dont last long enough. In less than a month, my forehand rubber required change. (I play 3-4 times a week) HERE IS THE THING: There is a saying: its always about the racket. But when detailed, its always about the blade first, then the rubbers. Also i dont think that we are paying mostly for the rubbers, the expensive part is the blade. I have put yasaka rakza 9 (FH) and yasaka rakza 7 (BH) on this blade, coz I always loved this rubbers. And this has become a killing weapon. Its been around 5-6 months since i bought my first custom racket (That was yasaka blade). But this one is something else. I have defeated some friends whom i never defeated since i started playing Table tennis against them. On almost every racket, more speed means less control and vice versa. But on this racket, you literally have great speed and spin with maximum control. The first of such kind in my opinion. If killerspin provides blade only that'll be awesome. So we can use rubbers of iur choice. So overall, this was my best investment forever. Will I buy it again? Definitely! Yes its a bit expensive, but really worth the action it offers.

Rak, UAE




This is a no brainier.. All graphite racket something different for a change and lets me beat my friends


Checked it out & was good


I bought this Bat to check it out its a good racket i must say everything from the blade down to the rubbers ..I also have tons of bragging rights with this compared to other normal rackets lol


Good racket


this racket is super fast i love it


Not worth the price


I have had it for a few months and I can easily say that it's not worth the price. I was excited when I read all the great reviews, but after I purchased it, I wasn't happy anymore. It's not as light as I thought it would be. I wish I just built my own racket instead for half the price. There are much better rackets. If it was $100, I would be ok, but not $350+. Sometimes when I play tournaments I borrow my friend's racket. This racket is the same as any other $100 racket. If the price was lower, I would have given it more stars.


king of all paddles, the best in the world..


too good


Amazing product


I was thinking of buying my son a phone, but I decided to buy this paddle instead. I think he understands though, this paddle has improved my technique like crazy. Who needs a phone when your dad is a beast at tennis am I right? You wouldn't believe how the guys in the office look at me now. I think I might get a promotion, but it doesn't matter, because I'm gonna quit and go pro in tennis.


I have 2 of them ;)


i own the table with this one


Killerspin Stilo7 SVR Premium Table Tennis Paddle

4.7 46


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