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Diamond CQ Premium Package

Diamond CQ Premium Package

A Diamond is Forever

On the outside, Diamond CQ Premium Package looks great. It would be an understatement if we didn't add: and inside is The Greatest. A paddle that's marking careers of so many pros around the world will be a Game-changer for you! Don't separate it from its premium case. You'll break the spell.




On Orders Over $75
  • Performance

  • Control

  • Spin

  • Power

  • Rubber

  • Layers

    2 Carbon + 5 Wood
  • Head Dimensions (W x H)

    6 x 6 1/4"


That acoustic click sound your Diamond CQ Premium paddle makes - that's the sound of the point you won. It will keep your competitors low on the Best players scale and put you right on the top! Think of it as a spokespaddle of the new era: lightweight materials, high tension rubbers, lovable look.

Killerspin Diamond CG Premium Package Ping Pong Paddle Blade and Balls

Would you want a Diamond without a premium case?

It deserves the most solid and thorough protection it can get. So we paired it with SVR Racket Case, the most premium racket case Killerspin makes. Also included, six 2-Star Killerspin branded high performance balls. The Diamond CQ Premium Package a full, the most satisfying table tennis experience you will indulge in. 

Killerspin Diamond CG Premium Package Ping Pong Paddle SVR Hard Racket Case

Never4th Again!


I'm never going to be ranked fourth again, those mean kids at lunch always beat me and call me names! No longer will I be relegated to the bottom of the inventory planning rankings, and with this paddle I will overcome the depths of my pong mediocrity. I haven't been this excited since I got the million dollar question in Who Wants to Be a Planning Analyst. Deb's looking over my shoulder G2G


Killerspin Diamond CQ RTG Premium Handle Package

3.0 1


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