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JET800 SPEED N1 Paddle

JET800 SPEED N1 Paddle

A Little More Pop And A Lot More Spin

The JET800 SPEED N1 is a great all around paddle that performs even better than it looks. The power it generates will definitely bring out the competitor in you. If you want to make an impression by dominating your opponent with some seriously powerful shots, then this is the paddle for you.

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  • Performance

  • Control

  • Spin

  • Power

  • Rubber

  • Layers

    2 Carbon + 5 Wood
  • Head Dimensions (W x H)

    6" x 6 1/8"

Hold onto your dearest memories

Jet 800 paired with a specially designed Memory Book makes for a perfect gift.This special packaging comes with a small marker to help you keep score, collect your opponents’ signatures or leave a personalized message. It works on the paddle, too.

The carbon inside

The JET800’s blade is comprised of two layers of carbon fiber sandwiched around five plys of premium wood. These seven layers make an ideal combination for offensive players that like to win.

We added classiness to ping-pong

Our newest version of the all-time favorite JET800 now comes in elegant, gift-worthy packaging to match the high class look of the paddle itself. Completed with a burnt wood handle and wooden side tape, JET800 is not just about looks, all the features have a purpose. The wooden side tape serves to protect your paddle from damage and also preserves the energy you generate to produce more powerful shots.

Killerspin Jet800 Table Tennis Racket Blade

Other-worldly tackiness

One of the features that made this paddle so loved, is definitely the Nitrx 4z rubber. The tackiness of the Nitrx 4z, combined with a powerful blade, has proven to be a trophy-making combination time and again.

Killerspin Jet 800 Ping Pong Paddle Handle

Amazing paddle very fast


I would recommend this paddle it's amzing and has helped me improve my game a lot. I had issue with the rubber where it peeled a little at the edge and coustomer service was amazing that replaced my paddle. I would recommend killer spin jet800 paddle to anyone who plays ping pong.

Niagara Falls


Nice paddle, very fast, love it!


A friend of mine recommended this paddle (JET800) ,played his lots and loved it so I bought one for myself online. Once it arrived I played couple times with with it when it snapped in half unfortunately. I emailed customer service they replied quickly and I explained the situation. They agreed to replace the paddle was it was a manufacture defect. They made the process easy with excellent communication. Can't wait to get my replacement! Thanks KILLERSPIN!



Great paddle - Made me a better player!!!


Bottom line - This has been the best paddle I have ever owned and has made me a better player both offensively and defensively. It gave me such a competitive advantage over my friends, that I felt compelled to own a second paddle for all of them to use. You will be able to generate easy power, massive spin, and still be able to harness control over your shots. Overall, this product is a complete 5/5.

Los Angeles, CA


So far so great.


Just got this and have played 3 days straight and am really enjoying this paddle. The only thing, like others in the comments, the rubber flaked off the first day of playing I know I don't dig balls out of the table or the like. Wish this was taped on the edge.



Super Speed and Spin


Been using this pre assembled paddle for over 7 months now. Was a replacement to my stiga evolution ( 50 $). It was difficult initially getting accustomed to a faster blade with less control. I was a more defensive player and this blade forced me to play more aggressively. The speed that this blade generates is incredible. Its got some pretty good spin too. If you want to change your game and play more offensive I would definitely recommend this racket.

dallas , TX


Gerald Drummond


We love the way it plays, but sometimes it misses the ball. haha. We purchased 3 paddles. The edges of the paddles however, are not very stable. It doesn't seem to take much for the rubber to come off the edges.


Quality and performance


Outstanding customer service and high quality racquet.




very good bat




This is a really great paddle that I got for Christmas, it is a very big step up from a butterfly flail - $25. It offered much more power, it offers lots of spin too, but right now I'm just trying to get used to its amazing power, great quality. I'm going to stick with Killerspin Products.




This is a top heavy paddle and after a couple days of playing, I don't notice the weight. I do notice the power and speed which I'm still learning to control. This has great spin to it, which i use all the time. The only thing I noticed is that little chunks of my rubber were gone on the very edge. Closer revied, no edge tape. I will be ordering some edge tape. i still have some DHS tape. Mmmmm. The weight is not a problem going either way now.


Killerspin JET800 SPEED N1 110-11 Table Tennis Racket

4.5 17


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