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JET500 Paddle

JET500 Paddle

A Perfect Combination of Power and Finesse

If you’re looking to fine tune your skills for a higher level of play, the JET500 is the ideal table tennis racket for you. The JET500 advanced composition allows you to continually improve your game. Spinny serves, consistent returns, and powerful double-wing attacks are now possible with the JET500.

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  • Performance

  • Control

  • Spin

  • Power

  • Rubber

  • Layers

    5 Wood
  • Head Dimensions (W x H)

    6" x 6 1/8"

Like Falling In Love Again

The JET500's perfect balance and striking looks will make you fall in love with the game of table tennis — again.

Greater Feel

A slightly-soft blade made of 5 layers of select wood gives you greater ping pong ball feel for amazing control.

Killerspin Jet500 Table Tennis Racket Handle

High Quality

Red-and-black tournament-approved rubbers allow you to execute high-spin shots with speed and precision every time.

You'll Fit Right In

The Jet500's ITTF-approved rubbers put you in a league with the pros.

Killerspin Jet500 Ping Pong Paddle Blade

Great Paddle, seemed expensive, but worth it!


I would qualify myself as a serious recreational player. I just got back into table tennis recently, and had been playing with the basic paddles that you get when you buy a table. I decided if I planned on seriously improving my game, I should just buy a quality paddle and learn with it rather than having to readjust later. I'd spent some time learning the basics with the generic paddles, so I had a decent idea of how to do fundamental strokes. The amount of control and spin I can get with this paddle vs. the generic ones is amazing. Again, I'm definitely a beginner, but I take my practice seriously, and this paddle REALLY upped my game. It won't make you instantly better if you're not willing to practice, but if you are, it gives you the ability to do so much more with your shots. Many reviews I read stated that it's too heavy, but for me it's not that bad. It is definitely slightly heavier than other paddles I've tried, but I don't think it takes away from the paddle. In fact, I think the heft helps with the feel of the hits. It doesn't vibrate at all when I'm returning shots. Just good smooth hits. My wife was unsure of whether a paddle would be worth spending over $20 on, but now that she's tried mine, we had to order her own Killerspin Jet paddle!

Indianapolis, IN


Can recommend this one


Solid paddle with a good weight to it. Rubber plays very well. I would say this paddle is suitable for someone at the top of the beginner stage, ready to put some spin on the ball.


good bat


This racket was a big upgrade for me and well worth the purchace, my only issue is the tape was all bubbly and sticking up.not a huge deal as it can be fixed easy. just assumed it would be near perfect for the money. overall great buy and helped my game out a lot. thank you killerspin for a great product.


super like.


this racket is really awesome,it wont let you down when it comes to spin,it is really good and backhand spin is so sharp.really recommended.


Decent Racket but won't solve your defficiencies


Context: I have played TT as a kid and just recently picked it up again. I upgraded from a $27 Butterfly 401 paddle and the difference is this: The Butterfly 401 is stickier, lighter, and slower. The build quality is about the same. I actually feel that the butterfly was put together slightly better. The Jet 500 is faster, heavier (much less vibration) and way less sticky. I feel that the Jet 500 is a better paddle because I really enjoy the increased speed and the reduced vibration but I expected a much greater difference for the paddle that's almost 3x the price. My game did not improve by much at all. Finally, I want to qualify my comments that I am not an experienced player with a polished technique. So, I am probably missing some nuanced differences that a more experienced player may find essential. For a player of my level the Butterfly 401 delivers a much better value for the money.


Great Racket


I just got the Killerspin Jet 500 and all I can say is WOW!!! I've played with various paddles over the years, but this took my game to a whole new level. I had been using a cheap paddle that I got 15 years ago and there is no comparison. Its a little pricey, but I play pretty often and was getting beat regularly and decided it was time for an upgrade. The only negative I have is that this thing stinks! I got it out of the packaging and it has a very strong acetone type smell too it. I've only had it a few days, so I'm hoping it will go away. Bottom line, if you think you're a good player and you use a junk paddle, this will take you to the next level. Buy it, you won't be disappointed




My game has really improved since I began using this racket. My opponents seem to complain a lot about the amount of spin I'm able to put on my returns. Definitely well worth the price.




Allows me to completely fool my opponents with spin. Plus I can return any spike with this racket.


Killerspin JET500 110-05 Table Tennis Racket

4.5 8


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