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MyT5 Bianco Pure Package

MyT5 Bianco Pure Package

The Classic Bundle

It's hard to beat the crisp new style of the MyT5 Bianco Pure table. Perhaps the only thing better than the MyT5's looks is saving some money on a bundle that includes two Jet200 ping pong paddles, a Jet Set 2 Premium paddle set and twelve 2 Star orange table tennis balls.




On Orders Over $75
  • Top

    16mm MDF
  • Feet

  • Color of Top

  • Frame Type

  • Table Location

  • Coating

    Repeat Roller Coating
  • Net Post Set

    Killerspin Net-Post-Set


Elegance in Table Tennis

The MyT5 Bianco Pure's white table top screams elegance, while the quality frame and top back it up. Integrated pockets hold eight balls and two paddles within easy reach of both players.

Killerspin MyT5 Bianco Pure Ping Pong Ball Pocket in Table

Take it to the Next Level

The Jet200's predictable nature will help you gain consistency and take your game to the next level.

Killerspin Jet200 Ping Pong Paddle Handle

Dependable Action

The Jet Set 2 Premium's paddles feature higher quality wood and rubbers for dependable action. The included ping pong balls are perfect for training and warmup.

Killerspin Jet Set 2 Premium Ping Pong Paddle Set



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