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MyT10 BlackStorm Package

MyT10 BlackStorm Package

Unleash Your Wild Side — Outdoors or In

The MyT10 BlackStorm Outdoor + In Package features the hottest looking outdoor ping pong table on the market with everything you need to #UnPlugNPlay both outdoors and inside. We’ve even included a set of 55mm and 45mm high visibility balls designed to increase your abilities and make outdoor table tennis play more enjoyable. This is the best outdoor ping pong table package available today.



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  • Top

    6mm Alu-plastic weatherproof
  • Feet

  • Color of Top

  • Frame Type

  • Table Location

  • Coating

    Repeat Roller Coating
  • Net Post Set

    Premium Killerspin Net-Post


We Changed the Way Ping Pong Is Played

Our design team set out to create a table that was far superior in every way to other outdoor ping pong tables on the market. The MyT10 BlackStorm Outdoor + In table surface has been specifically designed to withstand the harshest elements thanks to its aluminum and plastic top with true bounce technology. We also made the table surface 50% thicker than traditional outdoor table tennis tables without sacrificing mobility. Fold your table into playback position with ease and get playing!

Killerspin MyT10 BlackStorm Ping Pong Table

Shall We Play a Game?

Whether you're looking for a friendly match or more serious game play, the MyT10 BlackStorm Outdoor + In ping pong table offers the perfect way to play your favorite sport indoors or out. Grab a few balls, a couple of rackets, and gather friends for some serious fun and memories you won't soon forget

Killerspin Oversized Outdoor Ping Pong Balls

Grab a Racket

The package includes four of our best-selling Jet Set 4 table tennis rackets and 6 balls. Perfect for a casual game or a serious backyard tournament

Killerspin JetSet 4 Ping Pong Paddle and Ball Pacakge

Download Your FREE UnPlugNPlay Kit!
  • UnPlugNPlay Success Guide 
  • Table Tennis Rule Book 
  • Tournament Bracket & Rules