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Kido 7P RTG Premium

Kido 7P RTG Premium

Unleash the Ultimate Spin

This advanced competition racket was designed with one purpose in mind: for you to subject your opponents to the toughest spins and fastest returns. Goal is achieved smoothly, due to high elasticity wood inside the blade and ITTF approved Fortissimo rubber that grabs the ball unlike any other.

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$169.99 In Stock


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  • Performance

  • Control

  • Spin

  • Power

  • Rubber

  • Layers

    7 Wood
  • Head Dimensions (W x H)

    6 x 6 1/4"

Ensure Your Triumph

A truly responsive table tennis paddle created to dominate your competition anytime & anywhere. It will instantly put you in the spotlight! 


Feel the Difference 

Kido 7P Premium is a ping pong paddle that gets you hooked from the very first swing.

Innovation & Efficiency

What happens when speed and control meet resilience and durability? We call it winning!


Best paddle ever


Made me win every time.

Mexico City, Mexico


Nice job killerspin


nice paddle


Control and absorption


Best paddle I've ever used, any shot can be hit on a rail, consistently, I love the control and spin....


Fantastic Bat


I found this bat to be a fantastic for control and speed. It's a bit on the heavy side which I like and allows me to take control of the point. Handles some of the toughest spins and returns with ease. Highly recommended.


Very good


This paddle provides very good speed and spin, it might take some time getting used to but it is definitely worth it. However, after playing about 5 times with it, the rubber ripped on the sides for no reason.


Making a Racket


Played a few rounds of doubles at the office; lots of speed and power from this paddle at first swing. Spins are slightly better than my Stiga Supreme WRB, and control is taking some getting used to. This is heavier than the Stiga, but feels more solid and consistent. I may change the rubbers when it comes time to do so, opting for more sticky/spinny rubbers like the Tenergy05's. Hopefully I'll get more accustomed to its weight, speed, and tackiness. Fore/Backhand topspin smashes are struck with authority, although there seems to be less "feel" of the ball on the paddle as much as I felt with the Stiga. I attribute that to the two extra layers of wood in the Killerspin paddle, which also accounts for its speed.


Awesome paddle!


This is a great paddle! I used to use the Jet 800 and have tried many other brands, but I switched to this, and it's incredible! It has a lot of speed and power but also has a lot of control too unlike the Jet 800. I didn't really realize how good of a paddle it was until some really good Asians I play with tried it one day and told me it was amazing! They actually bought themselves one too! Compared to other pro blades and rubbers around this price I would say it is one of the best if not the best! The only problem I have is that I've only had the paddle for a few months and have cleaned it frequently and taken really good care of it, but the rubber is starting to crumble on the outsides which is disappointing. But who cares. This paddle is the bomb and worth it.


Great paddle for sure


I bought this paddle to up my game against my father who has always beat me but that was before I got the Kido 7P RTG-Premium now I got him on the run from day 1 it was well worth the price for the bragging right wont ever buy anything ells but killerspin take that dad im number 1 now lol


Excellent choice... Highly recommended


I am extremely happy with racket. The control, power and spinning abilities are commendable. My game has improved a lot playing with this magic weapon. I would give a 10/10 for sure..


Great quality paddle from Killerspin...


These is one of higher end paddle from Killerspin. It's a premium RTG ready to go pre-made Kido 7p blade with Fortissimo rubber. 7layer wood and 2.0mm rubber. Great controllable speed and spin. A lot better control than the Killerspin 600, but it comes with a hefty price tag. Overall, very pleased with quality and handling of these paddle. Highly recommended for recreational and competitive play with friends and colleagues.


Killerspin Kido 7P RTG-Premium 100-07 Table Tennis Racket

4.7 11


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