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Kido 7P RTG Premium Package

Kido 7P RTG Premium Package

We Answered Your Demands

You know how they say you should wear a suit or high heels to boost up your confidence? Well, besides it probably wouldn't be the most comfortable solution when it comes to playing, there's really no need to. On the table tennis table, Kido 7P Premium Set has it all taken care of.




On Orders Over $75
  • Layers

    7 Wood
  • Spin

  • Speed

  • Head Dimensions (W x H)

    6" x 6 1/4"
  • Control



There won't be a time when combination of black and silver colors won't be considered classy and desirable. This paddle shaped case is 4/3 stars quality, all fine lines and simple, elegant details. It's SVR. It's a valuable complement to the rest of the package which includes our best selling RTG paddle and branded, best playing balls.


Let Your Skills Loose 

Kido 7P RTG Premium paddle is the top of its class, truly responsive paddle that gets you hooked from the very first swing. The rest of the items in this package are just taking the value of it over the roof! 

4 **** White Balls Dance

Through the air and all over your playing surface. They're flawless technicians when it comes to some really complicated moves. 




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