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JET Black

JET Black

Defense Just Became an Effortless Task

This paddle is what Killerspin is all about - performance with style! In this case, style comes in a shape of sleek and simple Jet Black!

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  • Layers

    5 Wood
  • Spin

  • Speed

  • Head Dimensions (W x H)

    6" x 6 1/8"
  • Control


Take control of the game

If you prefer a control-oriented, cool game, Jet Black is your paddle.

Don't forget to spin the ball

Don’t worry about spin. Nitrx 4Z will provide a great deal of it.


Killerspin Jet Black Ping Pong Paddle

A perfect pairing to Killerspin Revolution SVR-B 

With a black handle and yellow lines, and black rubbers on both sides, the Jet Black stands out among all other paddles.

Upgrade comes in an AWESOME form 

If you're looking to take an even further step up, see the Jet Black's big brother, and the fastest racket on the planet: the Stylo 7 SVR.


Killerspin Jet Black Table Tennis Racket



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