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Home & School UnPlugNPlay Package

Home & School UnPlugNPlay Package

Make Everyone Happy

Looking to make your loved ones happy? Look no further. Explore the numerous benefits of table tennis with this specially outfitted UnPlugNPlay Package, and join the ever-growing community of ping pong lovers! Don't worry, you can thank us later.



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  • Top

    16mm MDF
  • Feet

  • Color of Top

  • Frame Type

  • Table Location

  • Coating

    Repeat Roller Coating
  • Net Post Set

    Clip-On Net-post-set


Create new memories

If you’re looking for a way to get your kids ditch their gadgets and spend some quality time with the whole family playing a game everyone will enjoy equally, this is it! Table tennis helps create bonds, keeps players healthy and active, and there are no age limits. Use this unique chance to get a kit that will outfit the whole family with everything they need to get playing, with built-in pockets in the MyT4 table to store enough paddles and balls for a four player match.

Killerspin UnPlugNPlay Package

All in one

This UnPlugNPlay Kit comes with all the essentials. It is a party pack that includes 10 UnPlugNPlay paddles, a pack of 100 balls, and last, but not the least, a MyT4 BluPocket table.

Killerspin UnPlugNPlay Package Paddles

Teach the kids how to train their brains

There’s no place where kids need to be focused, fresh and productive like at school! Luckily, table tennis can help improve all of these important abilities when they play for as few as 15 minutes a day. And let’s not forget the effects the game will have on their creativity, spirits and social interaction! The list of pros is endless, cons nonexistent. Get the game going with these quality UnPlugNPlay paddles.

Killerspin UnPlugNPlay Package Paddles and Balls

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  • Table Tennis Rule Book 
  • Tournament Bracket & Rules