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Double Lucky Bag - Mens

Double Lucky Bag - Mens

Feeling Lucky?

We love our customers! So much so that we wanted to have a little fun and give back.

Each Killerspin Double Lucky Bag contains at least six t-shirts, a pair of pants, a track suit (SM only), a jacket and a fleece. Many will also contain extra shirts, shorts, fleeces and more. A lucky few will get great extras including Paddles, Table Cover Sets, Scoreboards, etc. While we guarantee each Double Lucky Bag to have at least $500 worth of Killerspin goods, many will be worth much more!

Simply cross your fingers, select your clothing size and we'll surprise you with a selection of Killerspin apparel, and maybe even a little more!

You may want to order a size larger, as some of our clothing runs small.

$81.00 In Stock


On Orders Over $75

Special Extras

A select few Lucky Bags will include Jet Paddles, Scorecards, SVR Table Cover Sets and more. Will you be the lucky one?

Killerspin Lucky Bag Extras Including Paddles, Scorecards and More

Luck Not Necessary

At only $81 per Lucky Bag, and at least $500 worth of goods inside, you don't need to be lucky to get a good deal.

Killerspin Lucky Bag Contents Including Shirts, Fleeces, Track Suits, Pants, Shorts

Not Worth it


The best part about this deal is the excitement of opening the box, but that quickly goes away when you pull out your first item. Not one of the items is usable. All of these items look to be straight out of the eighties. Jumpsuit looked like a nurses outfit, a t-shirt that was clearly from sort of corporate event, powder blue fluffy fleece. The bonus gift was a gigantic nylon wallet, similar to the one I owned in 6th grade. Sizes - I can wear a medium or small. I chose the small/medium option. It's more like extra small/small.




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