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Custom Ping Pong Paddle
Gifts for Father's Day

Make Dad's Day with Custom Ping Pong Paddle Gifts from Killerspin

Choose from a selection of custom rubber designs or a completely custom engraving on the paddle's handle.

Custom ping pong gifts delivered in time for Father's Day.

World's Greatest Dad Ping Pong Paddle Design

Custom Rubber Designs

Make an impression with a custom rubber design on Dad's new paddle. Simply choose your design and we'll take care of the rest.


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Custom Ping Pong Paddle Engraving

Custom Paddle Engraving

Remind your Dad how much you love him every time he plays. Put your own personal message on the handle of his new favorite paddle.


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Killerspin Gift Wrapping Service

Gift Wrapping Service

Save yourself time and frustration. We'll take care of the wrapping for you. Just sit back and bask in the glory of giving the perfect gift.  


Gift Wrapping AvailableShop Ping Pong Paddles

Custom Rubber Options

You had the best idea ever to get dad a custom table tennis paddle. Choose from one of three custom paddle rubber designs for the ultimate Father's Day gift. Available while supplies last on the JET200, JET400, JET Black, JET800, SVR 2U Black and any RTG paddle, including the Stilo7 SVR, the Diamond Series, the Kido Series and more. Click here to see all eligible paddles.

To show our love for dads all over, we're giving away these custom rubber designs for free with purchase of a paddle listed above. Simply add your prefferred rubber design and paddle of choice to the cart, checkout, and we'll take care of the rest. 

I LUV DAD Custom Paddle Rubber


Show your love to dad.

FREE with Select Paddle Purchase

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Killerspin MyT10 ClubPro Black Ping Pong Table


Settle it once and for all.

FREE with Select Paddle Purchase

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Killerspin MyT10 ClubPro Black Ping Pong Table


Let everyone know who's the best.

FREE with Select Paddle Purchase

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Paddles with Custom Rubbers

The following paddles are eligible for the free custom rubber promotion, while supplies last.

Get the perfect gift for Father's Day before supplies run out!

SVR Complete Package

SVR Complete Package

The ultimate gift for Father's Day.


View SVR Complete Package
Stilo7 SVR Limited Edition Ping Pong Paddle

Stilo7 SVR Ltd. Ed.

The Fastest Paddle on the Planet.


View Stilo7 SVR
Diamond TC Premium

Diamond TC Premium Paddle

Synonym for speed!


View Diamond TC Premium
Killerspin MyT10 ClubPro Black Ping Pong Table

SVR 2U Black Paddle Set

Great Gift for You and Dad.


View SVR Black 2U Set
Diamond CQ Premium Package

Diamond CQ Premium Package

A Diamond is Forever.


View Diamond CQ Premium Pkg.
Diamond CQ RTG Premium

Diamond CQ Premium

Uncompromised Excellence.


View Diamond CQ Premium
Diamond TC Paddle

Diamond TC Paddle

Irresistably Attractive.


View Diamond TC Paddle
Kido 7P Premium Package

Kido 7P Premium Package

We Answered Your Demands.


View Kido 7P Premium Pkg.
Diamond CQ RTG Paddle

Diamond CQ Paddle

Pure Balance.


View Diamond CQ Paddle
Kido 7P Premium RTG Paddle

Kido 7P Premium Paddle

Unleash Ultimate Spin.


View Kido 7P Premium
Kido 7P Premium RTG Paddle

Kido 5A Premium Paddle

Blaze Past Your Opponent.


View Kido 5A Premium
Kido 7P RTG Paddle

Kido 7P Paddle

Built For a Thriving Player.


View Kido 7P Paddle
JET800 Paddle Package

Jet800 Paddle Package

Players Wanted!


View JET800 Package
Kido 5A RTG Paddle

Kido 5A Paddle

Develop Your Skills.


View Kido 5A Paddle
JET800 Paddle

Jet800 Paddle

More Pop & A Lot More Spin!


View JET800 Paddle
JET400 Paddle


Tournament Approved.


View JET400 Paddle
JET Black Paddle

JET Black

Effortless Defense.


View JET Black Paddle
JET200 Paddle


Perfect Your Game.


View JET200 Paddle

Custom Engraving

Make your message personal with fully custom engraving on your new paddle's handle.

Choose from dark or light lettering. Available on all paddles, except the Stilo7 SVR. (It's too fast for the engraving machine!)

Just add your favorite style of engraving and the paddle you want engraved to the cart, check out, and we'll follow up with you to select your personalization message. 

Custom Burnt-in Engraving

Dark Burnt-in Engraving

Works great on lighter handles.


Select Dark EngravingShop Engravable Paddles
Custom Light Filled Engraving

Light Filled Engraving

Perfect for our darker rackets.


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Custom Light Filled and Dark Burnt-in Engraving

Light & Dark Engraving

Highlight what's important.


Select Light & Dark EngravingShop Engravable Paddles