SVR BlackWing UnPlugNPlay Party Package New Edition

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Minimalist Design, Tournament Quality Play

Activate your home and office space with the SVR BlackWing UnPlugNPlay Party Package. Play in style, with the newest table addition to the Killerspin collection. The SVR BlackWing is the perfect blend of minimalist design and tournament quality construction.

The SVR BlackWing UnPlugNPlay Party Package comes with everything you need to throw an epic UnPlugNPlay tournament any day of the week: 1 SVR BlackWing table, 25 balls, and 4 Jet Black ping pong paddles with 4 BlackSleeve paddle cases. 

Customization Options ($150 – $869): Interested in creating one-of-a-kind table surface with a custom decal? Check "yes" in the product customization options, and a customer service representative will contact you.

**Recommended wash ping pong balls before use to avoid ball marks on table.