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Personalized Father's Day Gifts

Personalized Father's Day Gifts

What is Unplug'NPlay?

UnPlugNPlay is simple. All it takes is a Killerspin Ping Pong Table, Paddles and Balls, and a few minutes of time. Round up the family or co-workers, take your place around the table tennis table and let the fun begin. It's the perfect alternative to screen time. UnPlugNPlay with a tournament, crowning the weekly winner with bragging rights to match. Or UnPlugNPlay by just hitting some ping pong balls together and enjoying the friendly banter that comes with this sport. It’s up to you how you UnPlugNPlay. One thing’s for sure, when you put down the technology and pick up the paddles, you'll have a great time. Conversations come naturally at the ping pong table, where shared memories are made and bonds are strengthened.

UnPlugNPlay at Work

It may come as a surprise, but taking time to UnPlugNPlay during your work day with activities such as ping pong can result in higher quality work, and more of it. Smart employers know that giving employees the flexibility to step away from their desk and play table tennis can produce better motivation, higher energy, stronger work relationships and reduced stress. Work ping pong tournaments are more than just fun, they help make employees better prepared to handle the challenges of the day.

UnPlugNPlay Your Family

All too often parents are faced with kids that are quick to bury their heads in technology rather than interact as a family. We’ve all discovered that social media and online games are anything but social—serving more to isolate users in the real world more than to connect us. Killerspin's UnPlugNPlay helps parents get their kids, and themselves, to put down the cell phones, step away from the computers and gaming systems, and to truly enjoy some family time at home, either inside or outdoors.

Killerspin is a human-interaction led design company. We produce table tennis equipment and experiences that help people connect to the ones they care about most.

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