4 Star Hardball 40+ (White)

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$9.99 – $69.99

New Standard ABS Plastic Table Tennis Balls for Championship Tournament Play

Our 4-Star 40+ Poly Balls are simply the best on the market. Each ball is tested and held to the highest standards of quality, durability and performance. Killerspin proudly exists to connect families, friends, customers and employees through luxury table tennis equipment.

The New Standard

In 2017, The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) made an official change from celluloid to ABS plastic, or “poly balls.” The new balls reduce the speed of the game in an attempt to make the sport more viewer-friendly. If you aspire to the top levels of the game, you need to use the right equipment.

Quality and Performance

Our championship table tennis balls are made from the highest quality materials. Our balls manufactured to the highest standards to minimize cracks and breaks during the most intense volleys. Each ball is held to the strictest standards to ensure a true bounce and maximum performance. Our competition plastic poly balls are simply the best.

**Recommended wash Poly balls before use to avoid ball marks on table.