Torque AQ Glue

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DIY - Build Your Dream Paddle

What you've been waiting for! TorqueAQ is Killerspin's water-based glue solution for table tennis equipment. Meets ITTF competition regulations while providing the speed, spin, and control you need to win!

  • Glue for assembling table tennis rubber and sponge to the wooden blade
  • Great for assembling your ITTF ping pong paddle
  • Comes with sponge and application clip
  • Made in Germany
  • 37 mL

How To Glue

Apply the glue evenly on the blade and back of the rubber sheet using the clip and sponge provided. When the glue dries clear, apply the rubber to the blade. Gently press and roll the rubber on the blade. Cut excess rubber from the racket.

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