SVR BlackWing - O

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New Indoor/ Outdoor Performance

Elevate your table tennis experience with the SVR Blackwing – O, where innovation meets versatility for the ultimate adventure on the table.

Experience unparalleled indoor and outdoor table tennis performance with the SVR Blackwing 2024/2025 model, the latest addition to the Killerspin SVR premium lineup. 

This versatile table effortlessly transitions between indoor precision and outdoor fun, maintaining the superior performance expected from an indoor table. Enjoy the freedom to play anytime, anywhere with the SVR Blackwing – where innovation meets versatility for the ultimate table tennis adventure! 

  • Advanced 18mm fiberglass surface ensures a consistent bounce for thrilling rallies.
  • Effortlessly transition between indoor precision and outdoor fun, maintaining superior indoor table performance.
  • Crafted to meet standards with an 18mm/0.708661-inch thick fiberglass tabletop and scratch-resistant finish.
  • Seamlessly enjoy indoor and outdoor play with confidence. A quick roll against your sports gear ensures optimal performance, and storing the net post set indoors after outdoor play safeguards the longevity of your SVR BlackWing table.

  • Style & Refined Details

    Crafted to meet commercial-grade standards, the new SVR BlackWing Ping Pong Table provides a top-tier at-home table tennis experience. The 18mm/0.708661-inch thick fiberglass tabletop offers exceptional bounce, and the scratch-resistant finish protects the surface from ball marks.

    Protective Measures

    Experience seamless indoor and outdoor play with confidence – just ensure the balls in use are free from small particles before bouncing on the table. A simple roll against your sports gear, a standard recommendation for either outdoor or indoor play, is all it takes to maintain optimal performance.

    After outdoor play, safeguard the net post set by storing it indoors away from moisture. This extra step ensures the longevity of your SVR BlackWing table.

    Fibonacci-Inspired Table Top

    Drawing inspiration from the Fibonacci sequence, also known as the Golden Ratio, Killerspin has reimagined the tabletop design on all our tables to incorporate nature’s mathematical principles of beauty. Each Killerspin table features an "area of artistic expression" along with the net, allowing you to apply logos or artwork decals to your table without affecting play.  

    Complimentary Table Top Customization

    As our gift to you with purchase, personalize your game room with a one-of-a-kind BlackWing table using a free custom decal. Complete our customization form or contact the concierge line at 1.866.577.5291 to get started.

    *We recommend washing ping pong balls before use to prevent them from marking the tabletop surface