IMPACT D5 SmartGrip

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Attacking Just Became an Effortless Task

IMPACT D5 paddle is perfect for an all-around style of play; for those players that are looking for good control and feeling for the ball while being able to generate a great amount of spin.

IMPACT D5 is now available in the SmartGrip handle.
SmartGrip handle is the notch in the middle of the handle specifically designed to simplify the grip. The unique handle shape minimizes finger slipping and improves the grip contact to the hand palm.

Control: 7.0 / Medium
Spin: 9.0 / High
Speed: 8.0 / High
Layers: 5  Plywood
Rubbers: Nitrx-4Z
Rubber Colors: Black /Black 

Unique Memory Book Paddle Case
The paddle comes in SIOC (ship in own container) packaging which makes it a perfect RTS (Ready to Ship Gift). It is packed in a black matt laminated cardboard memory book with magnetic closing. The box is foam padded to hold and protect the paddle and two balls along with a small marker to help jot down scores and capture important moments on the pre-set lines within the memory book. 

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