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A Beautiful and Powerful Ping Pong Paddle for Beginners to Intermediate Players

IMPACT D2 paddle is an entry-level paddle for beginners to intermediate-level players. The rubbers can generate moderate spin on the ball and the blade gives you a good amount of control. The sleek design of the paddle with black Killerspin rubbers is combined with a comfortable flared handle. The IMPACT D2 is perfect for players that are developing their fundamental skills in table tennis.


Control - 8.5 / Medium
Spin - 7 / Medium
Speed - 0 / Low
Layers - 5 Plywood


IMPACT D2 is perfect for gifting; it comes with the IMPACT D2 paddle, two balls, a small pen, and a memory book so you can share your memories with friends & family. The inside of this exclusive box fits everything perfectly and it is made to protect and store your IMPACT D2 paddle.