25 Pack - Training Balls 40+ (White)

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Level Up Your Training with Classic White Killerspin Ping Pong Balls

Get ready to elevate your training sessions with the classic white Killerspin training balls. Updated to meet the latest size and material regulations, these 40+ ping pong balls are essential for practice play, training sessions, and endless fun on the table.

Consistent Performance: Crafted to perfection, these regulation size 40mm ping pong balls feature uniform thickness on all sides, ensuring a consistent bounce with every hit. Whether you're honing your skills or engaging in intense training sessions, count on these balls to deliver reliable performance every time.

  • Regulation size 40mm ping pong balls
  • Made of ABS plastic for durability and consistent bounce
  • Perfectly round shape ensures uniform thickness for consistent performance
  • Resembles the bounce of traditional celluloid ping pong balls
  • Suitable for practice, multi-ball training, robots, and casual play
  • Offers increased control and precision for honing your skills

Gear up for unparalleled training sessions with Killerspin's classic white ping pong balls – where consistency, performance, and fun converge to take your game to new heights.