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Women's Fitness and Table Tennis

January 30, 2014 by admin

An Interview with Biba Golic on Women Fitness Magazine

Biba Golic, the most known and recognized table tennis player in the world, recently sat down with the President of Women Fitness, Namita Nayyar to discuss being a woman involved in a traditional male sport, her training, her persistance and her rise to the top. Known for her game as well as her beauty, Biba has used table tennis to stay in world-class shape and to push herself to the limit.

Ping pong is proven to be great full-body exercise for women. It can be used as an intense fat burning workout or an activity to stay loose and increase metabolism. This article includes a Q&A with Biba and her story to stardom.

bibaBiba Golic is a multi-faceted personality, she is world leading table tennis player, a television star, a film star, model and spokesperson. She has won Yugoslavian Champion - Single, Team & Mixed Doubles (twice), Balkan Champion Mixed Doubles & Woman's Singles, Mediterranean Champion - Woman's Doubles and US National Collegiate Champion Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles & Team 2003 and numerous other awards.

Read the rest of the article here at Women Fitness

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