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Welcome to Killerspin House

July 26, 2016 by admin

There is always something going on downtown in a big city like Chicago. Visitors and tourists alike have their choice of thousands of activities, with at least one for everyone's taste. Whether you want to entertain out-of-town guests or are simply looking to act as a tourist in your hometown and revisit Chicago's best attractions, you’re sure to find something new and engaging.

Try Something New

Looking for a change (or perhaps a blast from the past)? How does a game of table tennis sound?


Yup, that's right—sometimes all you have to do is UnPlugNPlay. Just grab a few balls, some rackets and let the journey begin. It really doesn't matter how skilled you are at the game of ping pong as long as you are having fun.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider a table tennis night out:

  • Everyone can play: there's no age or gender barriers
  • Talk and play at the same time: be both physically active and charming
  • Engaging and entertaining - get rid of stereotype dates; a table tennis date is both fun and unique
  • Make new friends - table tennis is a great social sportIf you are planning to spend quality time with the people that you love then table tennis is the activity for youWelcome to Killerspin House!
Killerspin House Killerspin House

The Killerspin House is an experiential table tennis facility designed to accelerate the awareness of this super-sport. Guests can come browse the highest quality equipment and the best looking apparel the sport has to offer. They get exclusive access to features and amenities, or may rent the space for private parties and business meetings. There are always table tennis experts on hand to assist and to share their passion with our guests. Come experience the Revolution and you won’t want to leave.

Experience skill, thrill and chill with Killerspin.

uppimage2 Killerspin House




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