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Top 5 Killerspin Products in 2016

January 4, 2017 by Lina

The beginning of a new year is a perfect time to reflect. What have you achieved? Have you made someone happy? What would you have done differently?

Well, we can tell you this: even though there are things that could have been done better, we are proud to say we did make someone happy. In fact, we helped a number of families create new memories, we helped numerous co-workers bond over a friendly game, we re-kindled the passion towards table tennis.

And if you ask us, we could have never asked for more.

2016 has been a great year for Killerspin; we introduced new products, we connected people to each other, we were a part of several beautiful events, and we made a lot of memories.

To bid this exciting year farewell, here’s the list of Killerspin products you thought were the best.

1. Jet 800 Speed N1

Talk about re-kindling an old flame. Your all-time favorite paddle, Jet 800, got even better in 2016. The improved version now comes in an elegant package that made it a perfect holiday gift.

killerspin-jet800speed-ping-pong-paddle-speed-packaging2. Stilo 7 SVR

There are some products that don’t even need description. Stilo 7 SVR is definitely one of them. Not only is it the fastest paddle in the world, but just look at it. The paddle is gorgeous!

killerspin-stilo7-svr-limited-edition-ping-pong-paddle-table-tennis-racket-made-of-carbon-fiber-gift-box-paddle_1_13. MyT10 BlackPocket

The best foldable table on the market. MyT10 BlackPocket found its home in many cities across the US, Asia, Europe and even Australia, and we’re sure each and one of them got the love they deserve.


4. Revolution Black Steel

Technically, the Revolution Black Steel was introduced as a new Killerspin product just in time to be considered a 2016 product, but we couldn’t a list of top products without mentioning it, and many of our loyal customers who waited patiently could definitely agree.


5. Revolution Bianco

Besides from being the obvious editors’ choice, Revolution Bianco deserves a special place in our hearts. And we’re not saying that just because it’s pretty (ok, maybe a little bit) but this table represents what Killerspin is all about. It is an elegant piece of furniture designed with meticulous attention to details, and it’s ready to make another family happy.


Honorable mentions

The list is not long enough to include all the products you loved this year, but it can’t go without the charming MyT5 Bianco Pure, the superstar MyT7 BluPocket and the kind of class- Revolution SVR-B.

Last year has been pretty good for Killerspin, but 2017 will be even better. Stay tuned, and we promise there is more where that came from.

Happy New Year!


Killerspin Family

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