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This Ping Pong Surprise Will Definitely Impress Your Boss

October 17, 2016 by Una Vidanovic

I don’t know if you knew this but Today is Boss’s Day! Given the fact that people invented Pancakes Day or International Red Pandas Day, it is logical that there should be a day devoted to bosses.

There are all kinds of them: good, bad, lazy, tolerant… and as much as we love them or hate them, they play a big part in our lives. So no wonder that Bosses got their own day.

Have you ever thought of what would really impress your boss? Yes, we all know that there are 10 gold rules on how to be a great employee:

  • Arrive Early
  • Dress Well
  • Use Your Computer Like a Pro
  • Leave Your Baggage at Home.
  • Stay Focused.
  • Stay Positive
  • Be Incredibly Honest.
  • Stay Late.
  • Walk Quickly Around the Office. -  This is actually a great trick.  When you need to speak with other colleagues, get some water, or even use the restroom, do it quickly. When you are noticed, it will always seem like you are very busy at work.

But what is that something that will impress them for sure?


Some people give their bosses cards, gift certificates, or flowers or perform kind gestures that show appreciation such as take their boss to lunch. We recommend something that is different, authentic and it will certainly drive your boss’s attention.

We recommend ping pong tournament!

All you need is a group of colleagues, good ping pong table, attractive paddles, some balls and the game can start. This is actually a great way to spend time with your boss in a non working environment, to have fun with your colleagues and to give your boss an authentic gift that will make him/her more grateful to have you in their team.

The ping pong tournament tells them that you really thought about this and you wanted to do something different for them. It tells them that they are doing a good job, that you love working for them and that they are not the stressful part of your job (like in most of the companies), but just the opposite. 

But why ping pong?

Aside from being a fun way to spend time during work with your colleagues, table tennis also offers surprisingly great health benefits. A great company culture not only boosts employee morale, but also the company's bottom line. Playing games increases the "feel good" chemicals, dopamine and endorphins, in our brains. It's a great way for employees to make friends with one another. Plus, a great way to challenge your boss for a game of ping pong and to win without hard feelings :)

To learn how to organize a good ping pong tournament click here.  Let us know in a comment section how it went and send us some photos. We would love to see them!

Enjoy today and wish your boss a Happy Boss's Day!

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