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The Backhand Drop Shot

June 28, 2014 by admin

The backhand drop shot follows the same concept as the forehand drop shot. Much depends on your balance and the softness of your touch. Before the ball crosses the ping pong net, step in with your right foot. Keep your upper body low, and turn your right shoulder forward. Place your table tennis racket under the ball and use the racket's rebound to let the ball bounce over the net. Contact the ball here. Keep your wrist loose because you want to absorb the ball's energy and make it bounce back as dead as possible. Read the spin carefully so you can get the racket angled just right to avoid popping the ball up. Recover immediately because otherwise you'll be too close if the rally continues. This shot requires very good touch. Your body has to be well balanced so you can focus on your hand and neutralize the spin of the ping pong ball.

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